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The Hohenfels Cookbook: delicacies based on five-element cooking

Delicious, healthy recipes for every day – prepared simply

The authors Stephanie & Ekkehart Hamma and Wolfgang Radi take the reader through 288 pages of healthy, balanced and tasty dishes. Tips and tricks to simplify the cooking are included, as well as an explanation of the ancient wisdom of healthy nutrition through five elements. Suitable for experts and beginners alike, this is a book which can be consulted daily. Four-colour images throughout. Foreword by Giovanni Maciocia (Prof. Nanjing University)

The book is a lasting memento of your time in the Tannheimer Valley and makes an ideal souvenir. You can purchase it here at Hotel Hohenfels, from your bookshop back home or online at In keeping with the Hohenfels philosophy, please buy the book from a local bookseller and not from global internet sellers.
Tinto Verlag ISBN 9783981084979
RRP € 35

Awarded "best German-language cookbook" by Cookbook Award

The Hohenfels Cookbook won one of the renowned international Cookbook Awards in 2010 in Paris. Among the 960 books from 30 different nations submitted to the jury for judging was "Feines aus der 5-Elemente Küche" (Five-Element Cooking Delicacies), created in collaboration with Wolfgang Radi, hotelier at Hohenfels luxury hotel in the Tannheimer Valley. His co-authors were Stefanie Hamma (nutritionist) and Ekkehart Hamma (paediatrician and TCM practitioner).

The three friends who authored the book were awarded fourth place worldwide in the "Health and Nutrition" category. Since the first three places were awarded to English and French publications, the five-element cookbook is the best German-language book!
Enjoy your cooking and bon appetit from the Radi family!

Enjoy delicious food at Hohenfels

Visit Wolfgang Radi and the kitchen team headed by Markus Pichler at Hotel Hohenfels, where you can indulge in fantastic cuisine either as part of the luxury board package or in the Tannheimer Stube. Send us a commitment-free enquiry and start planning for delightful days in the Tyrolean Tannheimer Valley.