Summer Winter

Relax in the welcoming atmosphere created by the Hohenfels team.

Family atmosphere and hospitality at Hohenfels in Tyrol

"Even the most beautiful and luxurious hotel is only as good as the people who work there. It is their spirit, their humanity and their hospitality which give the hotel life. This is what makes our team so important to us and is exactly the reason we are so proud of our team. They are the best employees and hosts/hostesses around. Every one of our staff contributes daily to the atmosphere of the hotel, an atmosphere where you will feel cared for and valued, or to put it simply – welcomed! We are delighted to introduce here the whole Hohenfels team, who are responsible for creating our unique atmosphere and making your holiday in Tannheim such a special experience." Monika & Wolfgang Radi

Unforgettable days at Hohenfels

Visit us at Hotel Hohenfels – a treasure trove in a magical setting in the Tannheimer Valley – and enjoy its unique natural environment, outstanding cuisine, and exceptional hospitality. Send us a commitment-free enquiry or contact us by telephone, and start looking forward to memorable holidays in Hotel Hohenfels in Tannheim in Tyrol. We look forward to welcoming you here!