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What does Hohenfels stand for? We stand for top quality, at all levels!

Outstanding quality – respecting people and nature

Hotel Hohenfels is truly a hotel for epicures! A charming boutique hotel where just 35 rooms and plenty of space guarantee every guest room to unwind. In addition, you can look forward to first-class cuisine, the magic of nature, personal attention, top-class service and a small, exclusive Wellness Centre.Hohenfels stands for the finest quality in every area. We pay particular attention to the environment and nature: the concepts of sustainability, seasonal and regional are not just buzzwords to us, they are an integral part of our ethos.

Best products for unique indulgence

Simple, fresh, healthy and good is our motto at Hohenfels, since all great cuisine begins in simplicity. To meet this requirement, only the best quality products and ingredients are used.
Creating good food is very important to us, and we gauge our success primarily by our guests' enjoyment of our food. When our guests are happy, we are happy. We are naturally always delighted when we receive awards, but these are not our main motivation.

Fair trade with regional providers and seasonal dishes

All dishes for our full-board option and the "Tannheimer Stube" à la carte restaurant are cooked fresh daily, using exclusively fresh ingredients. Where possible, we use top quality regional produce from the Tannheimer Valley, Tyrol, and Vorarlberg. You will not find deep-frozen products, ready meals or artificial flavourings in the Hohenfels cooking pots!

Responsible indulgence

Our actions as consumers can influence markets and production methods: whether a farmer can survive on his work and whether animals are treated humanely depends on the price that we are prepared to pay for our food produce. All our supplies are carefully selected, and we always look for the AMA quality label, which guarantees that exceptional quality standards have been met and independent checks carried out. In this way, we ensure that we use Tyrolean produce.

Sustainable energy production, sustainable warmth

To some guests, the source of the cosy warmth in the bedrooms and other rooms in Hohenfels may seem irrelevant. However, for us and for many of our guests, the magical untouched landscape of the Tannheimer Valley is close to our hearts, and so the heating source is important. The environmental sustainability of a heating system depends heavily on the choice of fuel, so when the Tannheim community connected to a biomass district heating network, we took the obvious decision to fit this environmentally-friendly form. Biomass consists of natural wood fuels such as wood chips, bark and sawmill by-products. We take pleasure in protecting our countryside while providing our guests with warmth. At Hohenfels, the only oil to be found is in the salads!

"Best for People" – certified employer

It is not just the environment which deserves to be treated with respect; every person should be valued. The success of our hotel is only possible due to our employees: we know just how much we have to thank them for and are particularly proud to have been certified as a "Best for People" employer. This certificate is only awarded to hospitality and restaurant businesses with an outstanding commitment to their employees.

Enjoy your holidays in a down-to-earth atmosphere combined with top quality

Send us a commitment-free enquiry or book your stay online now. Then get ready to enjoy delightful days absorbing nature in the Austrian mountains and a memorable holiday at Hotel Hohenfels!