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Climbing in Tyrol in the Tannheimer Valley – ideal limestone walls

Diverse routes and magical mountain vistas

Climbing has evolved from a trendy new activity into a popular pastime. More and more nature lovers are discovering the fascination of this adventure sport. Being dependent on yourself alone, conquering jagged rocks with nothing more than your own muscles is an unforgettable experience, earning you well-justified exhilaration!

Best conditions in the limestone Alps

The Tannheimer Valley in Tyrol boasts ideal climbing conditions. The limestone Alps near the German border are fantastic terrain for beginner climbers and experts alike. With famous names like Aggenstein, Läuferspitzer or Gehrenspitze to whet your appetite, even the least informed climbing enthusiast will be inspired to start planning a mountain adventure.

Challenges for every grade of climber

Absolute peace all around, a sunny location, fabulous mountain vistas – climbing in the Tannheimer Valley is not just about the beautiful routes, but also the magical destinations. Whether you are looking for short, easy routes or challenging multi-pitch Alpine routes, hobbyists and expert Alpinists alike will find a suitable challenge in Tannheim. Well-maintained via ferratas complete the climbing possibilities in the Tannheimer Valley.

Climbing in the Tannheimer Valley

Climbing mountains in Tannheim
Climb Tannheim's loveliest mountains

Rote Flüh (2111 m) Hochwieser South wall

  • Base: Nesselwängle 1136 m
  • Starting points: Gimpelhaus 1685 m, Tannheimer Hütte 1713 m
  • Wall height: 170 m to 240 m
  • Difficulty: 5 to 9

Gimpel (2176 m) North wall

  • Bases: Grän 1138 m, Füssener Jöchle 1821 m
  • Starting points: Füssener Hütte 1550 m, Otto-Mayr Hütte 1530 m
  • Wall height: 350 to 700 metres
  • Difficulty: 6+ to 9-

Gehrenspitze (2164 m)

  • Base: Höfen 868 m
  • Starting point: Gehrenalm 1611 m
  • Wall height: 90 m to 170 m
  • Difficulty: 3 to 6

Gimpel (2176 m) South wall

  • Base: Nesselwängle 1136 m
  • Starting points: Gimpelhaus 1685 m, Tannheimer Hütte 1713 m
  • Wall height: 80 to 200 metres
  • Difficulty: 5 to 8

Köllenspitze (2246 m)

  • Base: Nesselwängle 1136 m
  • Starting point: Gimpelhaus 1685 m
  • Wall height: 350 m to 700 m
  • Difficulty: 4 to 7-

Läuferspitze (1965 m)

  • Bases: Grän 1138 m, Füssener Jöchle 1821 m
  • Wall height: 40 m
  • Difficulty: 4 to 8

Climbing on your summer holidays at Hotel Hohenfels in the Tannheimer Valley

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