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Mountain hikes in Tyrol in the Austrian Alps

Hiking in the magical mountain landscape in the Tannheimer Valley

The delights of nature and fantastic weather await you in the broad, sunny Tannheimer Valley perched above the fog line. Conditions here are ideal for making the most of nature with activities such as fishing, cycling, climbing or hiking.
In fact, the whole year is just that bit better here! In spring you can relax in the earliest mild days of the year, and in autumn you can soak up the season's last warm rays of sunshine. Enjoy an unforgettable experience in the Tannheimer Valley!

Walking in summer in Tannheim
Walking to the shepherds' huts in summer

Hotel Hohenfels – the ideal starting point for your mountain experience

From Hohenfels, you can admire mountain vistas in every direction, and find paths to the peaks right at the front door. If you are drawn to a more distant peak, just catch the free bus 100 metres from the hotel, which can take you anywhere in the Tannheimer Valley in under half an hour. Mirko, our certified walking guide, regularly leads walks to show guests the most beautiful peaks and rustic alms in the mountains around the Tannheimer Valley.

The Tannheimer Valley – where you can choose the walk you want

In the Tannheimer Valley, you can choose the walk that suits you, whether it's alpine peaks and high mountain trails with stunning vistas, or pleasant alms and gentle strolls.Avoid a demanding climb by taking the cable car up the mountain, and then stroll along the mountain tops. Or start in the valley and work your way up to conquer the peak; whatever you prefer! In the Tannheimer Valley, there are myriad ways to enjoy nature on foot.


View of Hotel Hohenfels in Tannheim
View of Hotel Hohenfels

Romantic mountain lakes and fascinating plants and creatures

Seeing a mountain lake sparkling in the sunshine and soaking up the picturesque idyll is a special experience. If the weather permits, you could even have a refreshing dip. Swimming is permitted everywhere; some of the lakes are barely ten metres deep, meaning they reach pleasant temperatures despite the altitudes.
Animal and plant lovers will also have a fantastic time here. With luck, you'll get the chance to admire chamois, marmots, birds and many other beasts in their natural environments. You may also find plants hitherto only seen in your plant book blooming alongside the paths.

Walking holiday at Hohenfels luxury hotel in the Tannheimer Valley

Find out about our special deals for hikers and choose an active holiday in the Tyrolean mountains. Or just send us a commitment-free enquiry, and we will get back to you with a tailored offer for your holiday at Hotel Hohenfels. One way or another, you can start looking forward to delightful days in a unique location!