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Soothing massages and baths at Hotel Hohenfels in Tyrol

Relax your body completely with a massage

Indulge in a massage in the hotel with our certified physiotherapist Mirko Illmann, or enjoy relaxing and restorative treatments in our delightful treatment room with views of the garden and mountains. Nothing can compare to the feeling of relaxation that comes from a professional massage after a strenuous day out in the Alps.

100% natural baths and massage treatments at any time

Mirko uses exclusively 100% natural products from Chrystal – Kraft der Berge for his treatments, guaranteeing you only have all-natural products and ingredients in contact with your skin.
As well as a beautician, we have decided to keep our masseur as a permanent employee of the hotel. As our guest, you can simply spontaneously decide to have a massage!
You can arrange a treatment from Monday to Saturday here in the hotel, but if you would like to guarantee your preferred times, please book in advance by phoning +43 5675 628 60 or letting us know when you book your accommodation.


Hot wrap: improves circulation, stimulates metabolism and relaxes.
Mud pack: a classic treatment for tension, rheumatism, gynaecological problems, and when recovering from broken bones, sprains, and bruises. Warm or cold application possible.
Lymphatic drainage: improves lymphatic transport, alleviates pain, stimulates the formation of lymph vessels.
Foot reflexology massage: stimulates the body's natural regulation.
BREUSS massage: this is an energetic back massage along the spinal column, paying particular attention to the meridians. With St John's Wort oil. Particularly suited to the lower back area. The spine is stretched, giving the spinal discs more space and stimulating their regeneration. St John's Wort oil also has a calming effect on the nerves.
After application of the St John's Wort oil, avoid sunshine.
DORN therapy: this is a sensory method for detecting blockages and then gently correcting the vertebrae and joints through massage and movement.
ZEN Shiatsu:] the goal of any treatment is a positive effect on your health. Zen Shiatsu is carried out through manual pressure in gentle flowing movements. These may be soothing and relaxing, or vitalising and refreshing.

Chrystal Relax treatments – gentle well-being massages

Baths at Hotel Hohenfels
Wellness baths at Hotel Hohenfels

Partial body massage, 25 min, €32
Full body massage, 50 min,  €58

Chrystal Classic – classic full body massages

Classic partial body massage, 25 min, €34
Classic full body massage, 50 min, €62
Combination massage I – "Mud pack" with back massage, 50 min, €64
Combination massage II – Back massage and foot reflexology massage, 50 min, €62
Combination massage III – Full body massage and foot reflexology massage, 75 min, €88
ZEN Shiatsu, 45 min, €57
Hot wrap, 25 min, €36
BREUSS massage, 25 min, €36
Lymphatic drainage (subject to agreement), 25 min / 50 min, €34 / €62
Foot reflexology massage, 25 min, €34
DORN therapy, 25 min, €34
Soothing herbal bath - 1 person / 2 people, 30 min, €40 / €45
Romantic rose-petal bath - 1 person / 2 people, 30 min, €40 / €45

Book your holiday in the Tyrolean mountains

Start planning your holiday in the mountains in Tyrol, and you can look forward to days filled with relaxation and the delights of nature. A magical landscape, an exclusive Wellness Centre and outstanding cuisine await you at Hotel Hohenfels.  Send us a commitment-free enquiry or book your stay online now!