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Traditional Chinese medicine at Hotel Hohenfels in Tannheim

TCM elements for your wellness and natural balance

Traditional Chinese medicine is holistically focused, viewing the human body as a single unit. The goal is not to combat individual symptoms, but to treat the root causes of a malaise or illness.

TCM: prevention and healthy living

Chinese nobles used to pay their doctor when they didn't need him! He would be paid for ensuring that the family remained healthy. This idea underpins traditional Chinese medicine: it is not about cure, but prevention. Through proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, you can maintain a natural balance and avoid illness. Herbal medicine and acupuncture also play an important role in maintaining your natural balance.

TCM expert Ekkehart Hamma at Hohenfels

At Hohenfels luxury hotel we work closely with our TCM expert and paediatrician Ekkehart Hamma. Ekkehart gives numerous young people responsible TCM treatments in his holistic medical practice in Isny in Allgäu, in conjunction with conventional medicine. His particular interests are herbal medicine, acupuncture, laser acupuncture, and nutrition education.
At Hohenfels we can offer you regular TCM massages and TCM-based wellness acupuncture treatments. From May onwards one day a week will be specified for this purpose. Give it a try; you might be surprised how much better you feel!

"Energy weeks" with Ekkehart Hamma

Dr Hamma visits Hohenfels regularly. During the "Energy Weeks", you can learn how best to look after your energy reserves and maintain good health. The basics of TCM will be introduced and rules for good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle will be explained according to the principle of the five elements. We even have our own cookbook to inspire you!

The final spring and autumn dates will be detailed here and in the Hohenfels Newsletter.

TCM teas at Hohenfels

From the glorious natural surroundings to top-quality cuisine, here at Hohenfels we believe in holistic indulgence. Our high-quality TCM teas will improve your mental and bodily well-being. Sample them during your stay in the Tannheimer Valley in Tyrol and we will be happy to explain how you can order the teas over the internet for consumption back home.

TCM teas on the internet
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Well-being on holiday in Hotel Hohenfels

Start planning a restorative stay at Hotel Hohenfels in the Tyrolean Tannheimer Valley. Send us a commitment-free enquiry, find out about our wellness deals or book your room online now, and get ready for a memorable holiday in Tannheim.

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